Therapeutic boarding school for girls that is affordable and accepts insurance; offering boarding school courses and counseling for troubled teen girls. - military boarding schools and alternative boarding schools.

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Residential Treatment Center and
Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teenage Girls

Re-Creation Retreat is a reasonably priced, professional, licensed residential treatment center offering trauma recovery, substance abuse treatment and behavioral therapy for troubled girls between the ages of 13 and 17. Individualized treatment is provided by caring professionals, supported by strong relationships in a home-like setting.

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    Typical Issues We Treat (Dual Diagnosis)

    We Help Teenage Girls Who Have...

    • Adoption-Related Issues
    • Depression or Personality Disorders
    • Abuse Trauma (Could be Self- Abuse)
    • Past Abuse or Unhealthy Relationships
    • Substance Abuse and Addictions
    • Misbehavior/Rebellion
    • Eating or Sleep Disorders
    • Cutting or Self-Harm
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    Our Center is Located Near the Beautiful
    Grand Canyon in Northern Arizona

    Our Professional, Licensed Facility Offers...

    • A Caring and Dedicated Team
    • Decades of Experience Treating Teenage Trauma and Behavior
    • High Staff to Resident Ratio
    • Milieu and Equine Therapy
    • First Class Education
    • Insurance Coverage Options
    • Very Reasonable Cost

Re-Creation Retreat is a residential treatment center and private therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls. It is known for its commitment to provide individualized care to struggling girls and their concerned families. Residents in the therapeutic boarding school receive individual support and care. Re-Creation Retreat is a Level III Behavioral Health Agency licensed through the State of Arizona.

therapeutic boarding school insuranceIndividualized treatment is provided by caring professionals; building strong therapeutic relationships by people who truly care. A foundation is built upon the real-life principles of care, trust, and service toward others. It is truly unique, set apart from the traditional residential treatment centers for girls. For professional counsel, coaching, and guidance please contact us in regard to this program and how it can help your troubled girl. Inquire online or call toll free (888) 390-8366 to speak with our Director.

Re-Creation Retreat is a professional, licensed residential treatment center offering young women a journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment, leading them to a deeper understanding of their worth, their strengths, and the principles of success in life.

therapeutic treatment for girlsThe academic program of Re-Creation Retreat is designed to assist troubled girls who are in need of grade repair and credit recovery. Typically, girls who struggle with emotional and behavioral issues also experience academic and educational deficiencies that compound an already difficult situation. Sometimes the “acting out behavior” of a troubled girl is directly related to ongoing and prolonged academic problems. Therefore, we integrate our therapeutic approach with an outstanding academic program to help young ladies restore their lives to wholeness, both emotionally and academically.

The principles of Re-Creation Retreat, when lived, lead to individual accountability and responsibility, which leads to self-value, self-worth, and honor toward others. Our program is a time for rediscovery of what is important; a “retreat” from their old self, and a chance to re-create their lives, living by proven values that bring fulfillment over a lifetime. Girls is our program are a re-creation, a true restoration; we bring back the best part of their heart and personality. Our students re-learn what it is to live a life of fulfillment through positive relationships.

Re-Creating Lives, One Girl at a Time.

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Should you need help finding homes for troubled youth, or ranches for troubled teens, or Christian boarding schools, let us know because we can help.

Re-Creation Retreat is a therapeutic boarding school and licensed residential treatment center for troubled teenage girls offering teen counseling for girls with adoption issues (reactive attachment disorders), self-harm (self-mutilation) or cutting, or eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, anorexia nervosa). Other behavioral issues and personality disorders we deal with include: defiance, depression, abuse, post traumatic stress and anxiety.

If you are considering a residential treatment center for an out of control girl, please think about Re-Creation's therapeutic boarding school for troubled girls with experienced teen counselors. We offer counseling for teens, providing milieu therapy and equine therapy to uncover emotional and personality disorder issues. We especially work with RAD girls, attachment disorders, depression and other issues in girls who were adopted.

Therapeutic Boarding School for Troubled Teenage Girls

Therapeutic boarding school for girls that is affordable and accepts insurance; offering boarding school courses and counseling for troubled teen girls.

Our therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens with teen counseling improves teen behavior for adolescent girls struggling with anger, depression, ODD, ADD, ADHD, RAD, defiance, substance abuse, self-harm, adoption issues, or teen rebellion. Re-Creation Retreat is a residential therapeutic boarding school with a professional team designed to counsel struggling or rebellious teens. Our therapeutic program provides behavioral therapy, counseling and a quality education. We specialize in adoption issues, eating disorders and attachment disorders. Our therapeutic boarding school for troubled teenagers enrolls out of control or troubled teens mostly from the Southwest, including from California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona and Texas, but also from across America including from Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Oregon and Washington State.